ten mile an hour BAND
"in search of utah cinnamon trees"

Makin' Do!
our first recording project
Recorded at Radcliff Studio
Abilene, TX 1998
Van Dearman - Mike Carrington - Rodney Weatherby - Tim Senn

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grandfather clock


makin' do

jrc blues


The 90's, in Abilene, Texas, found the four of us drawn together by a common appreciation of - life - nature - honest & loyal love - freedom - music - singing - playing - creating - and, becoming - - while we shared similar personality perspectives - such as - living - humble, loyal, committed, dependable, respectable, and patient lives - with determination and persistence - all at a "speed" that allowed us to be aware of the world around us - such that we became self described as:the

river song

little linda

tommy hawk

We dedicate our efforts to the memory of:
Van Dearman, Abilene, Texas

donate to the
american cancer society


runaway train

talk is cheap

as you go


....Determine WHOSE you are.
Determine who YOU are.
Find YOUR PLACE in this world.
Use your talents to LIVE WELL.


when the river moans

steel guitar rag

ain't likely

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